woke vs woke is not a thing

It’s NOT okay to say “I’ll do my thing and you do yours.” You’re wrong, and it’s your fault we’re doing this AGAIN. Your “consider all points of view” and “alternative perspectives” and “suppressed experts” is garbage. Every one of those people are wrong and they are profiting from your confusion. As of today 5.33 BILLION doses have been administered worldwide (check it) and 90% of new cases are unvaccinated (check it). It’s okay to be wrong so long as you learn from it, so show me how woke you really are. Because you don’t get to claim everyone else is a sheep when you’re the one following blindly. You don’t get to claim we’re all living in fear if you’re the one who’s afraid of vaccination. You certainly don’t get to claim you’re the woke one when you refuse to accept the simple irrefutable math.

If you refuse to get vaccinated, fine, you have rejected your responsibility to your community. Then you absolutely deserve to be denied the benefits of that community, like schools, public spaces, or patrons to your business. Keep your stunningly selfish and shortsighted ego alone in the dark where it belongs. I’m sick of this pandemic, and it’s your fault.


It’s #worldpasswordday. What makes a good password?

  • you only use it in one place
  • it’s long.
  • long is more important than random; “X7$r4” is a terrible password. “This-is-a-much_b3tter-p@ssword”
  • memorable for you but impossible to guess for someone else
  • a line from a favorite book is great. Or a favorite quote. Just don’t pick one that’s too well known, like, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”
  • again, only use it in one place – such as your master password for LastPass, for example.

ray of light in the arm

Shots fired! Side effects may include: living, and not infecting others! M and I got the tip (thanks, Jeremy!) that AstraZeneca shots were available without an appointment at VCC Broadway campus today (and tomorrow!) so we zipped over and made it in before the rush. Luck and good people looking out for us. <3

So in two weeks will it be a hug fest? No. But we will be able to practice COVID-safe protocols with a slightly wider group of likewise-vaccinated people with confidence. And that’s awesome. BBQ season is saved.

If Bill Gates is controlling my mind he’s being awfully subtle about it. And so far my wifi signal strength is unchanged, but I am hopeful.