WordPress turns 15

Wow. I remember jumping over from Movable Type when they switched to a pay model. Was that 2003? I remember pestering Davin, the only other blogger I knew, for code advice. You had to know some code! The webwaves were much smaller back then. More tinkery. Happy birthday, WordPress! You have been the vehicle for the voice of so many people. 

WordPress Turns 15 Years Old


Hodang Mix II

Hodang Mix II

I’ve been trying to build better snacking habits looking for zero cholesterol and high Omega-3, with good protein and reasonable carbs. This mix is the bomb-diggity, and the danger is I will eat too much of it.

1/2 part walnuts
1/2 part dried pineapple
1/2 part dried cherries
1 part thompson raisins
1 part wasabi almonds (this is the magic right here, yo)

Because when you taste it, you say, “Ho, dang.”

You’re welcome.