happy anniversary, covid

everything is fine

Happy anniversary, Covid. We’ve seen the worst of humanity and the best. And because of it we moved from New York ?? back to Vancouver ??. I’ve learned that society can be asked to do only so much in its own self-interest. When society knows the best way to beat a horrific pandemic is to lock down, trace cases, and protect each other with a little sacrifice of comfort, we say, “yeah but money, so…” and we half-ass it through at least a year of fumbling half-measures. It’s a mysterious, wonderful thing that humanity has lasted this long. Here’s to the many of us who have the enduring compassion and sheer fortitude to take care of the rest of us, even as we display such stunningly short-sighted selfishness. I have to believe that, on the whole, we are improving. ✌️❤️?