you get what you pay for

“Canada Will Get Covid-19 Vaccines After Other Countries Due to Lack of Manufacturing Capacity” — First: the headline is misleading. Canada has *some* capacity for manufacturing vaccines, just not as much as we wish we had *right now*. Second: this shouldn’t really come as a surprise. We have a good medical system, but we outsource a lot of manufacturing to other countries, generally speaking. That’s not even a bad thing, generally speaking. It’s cost effective for the things we only need occasionally, or in smaller amounts than would be practical to produce at scale for a relatively small population spread out over such a large land mass. Especially when it comes to what we’re willing to fund with our own tax dollars. We have good trade relationships. That’s how we roll. So when Trudeau points out that this is kinda how we all wanted it, it’s disingenuous at best to get all up in it. If we want something we have to be willing to pay for it, and maybe now taxpayers will look more kindly on their tax dollars going to this sort of emergency preparedness. Small comfort right now, I know. Meanwhile, we DO have the capacity to produce a quarter million doses per month and more capacity is under construction, and we should be pressuring Trudeau to manifest THAT — with a quickness. And by all means hold him accountable for that. AND for continuing pressure on the manufacturers in other countries to produce for us. Anything else is just political posturing from Conservatives or fear mongering by the press, and should be ignored.