who are you?

– If you have a problem with changing the (Canadian) national anthem from “all our sons” to “all of us”, you’re not a traditionalist. You’re misogynist.

– If your reaction to Trans Lives Matter is “sex is binary” or “you’re born a boy or a girl” you’re not defending nature or god’s plan. You’re ignorant of science and ignoring horrible hate crimes against human beings who have already endured too much.

– If you have a problem with changing a team name from “Redskins” or “Indians” you’re not defending tradition. You’re racist.

– If you have a problem with taking down statues of tyrants, you’re not defending history. You’re defending the casual commoditization of human life.

– If you resist changing the names of military bases or streets you’re not a traditionalist. You’re backing a loser.

– If you react to Black Lives Matter with All Lives Matter or Blue Lives Matter you’re not defending something that needs defending. You’re turning your back on a cry for help.

– If your reaction to Defund the Police is to fear for your safety rather than to hope for more safety, believe me, right now is your opportunity to learn. Where could that money be spent proactively as part of the solution?

– I get it. You’re afraid of change. I don’t care. Change happens. You can change with it or remain trapped in a deeply troubled past. Challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone. Abandon your privilege. Stop being afraid. LEARN. People need you. You can help them. Or you can continue hurting them. Who do you want to be?