the big shot

Don’t know what it is, but it’s got a big budget.

It’s Monday after midnight in Manhattan, just outside Madison Square Park. This shot, whatever it was, was so important that they were lighting buildings on the far side of the park, and every tree near the edge of the park between here & there, regardless of whether there was any chance of that tree being in the shot or not. Just in case. So many lights that they didn’t bother posting PAs or junior electrics. Just a couple of randoms doing the rounds.

There were thirty trucks in easy sight, with more trailing away down each street. The dolly track, as you can see above, was frickin’ wide. Double the width of any dolly I’ve seen before. And it was only maybe fifty-sixty feet long. Long for dolly, but the double wide made it seem… an awful lot of effort. Money is fun.

The park and its neighbourhood are beautiful at night. I guess the natural look just takes a little more effort, yes? Awww NYC, you’re so pretty.