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Read it, love it, live it. #Repost @garbage
Dear young people of the world,
I was a teenage cutter. I would hurt myself with razors and penknives. Various boyfriends of mine fucked around behind my back. One of them fucked around so much he gave me a dose of the clap. I thought I was unloveable. I thought it was all my fault. I thought I deserved it.
Now I am 52 years old. Soon to be 53. My body doesn’t look anything like this anymore. Neither does my face. Yet strangely I feel better about myself now than I ever did around the time this photograph was taken. I don’t look anywhere near as hot as I did back then. Not even close. My point being, don’t be daft. Don’t put up with shitty behaviour from shitty people who hate themselves more than you might hate yourself. Don’t be cruel to your beautiful body like I was. Be grateful for it. Enjoy it and it’s extensive powers. Honour your face . Honour it because it is yours. And because it tells your authentic, true story. There is power in that. So much more than you know now.
Love love love,